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Roadmap to a plastic controlled life

 Pathway to a plastic free paradise

The road to a zero-waste lifestyle


Since the road to a zero-waste lifestyle can seem long and arduous; we are giving you 5 short-cuts you can take which will make a big impact on your environmental impact.

1) Get a water bottle & refillable coffee cup. There is no excuse. Just do it.

2) Cloth bags save lives (of turtles and other aquatic creatures) 

3) Bring your own take out container for take away food – even the “paper” wrappers often have a plastic microfilm coating

4) Say no to plastic straws – bring your own reusable one made of glass, metal, bamboo or just drink your drink the ‘old fashioned’ way without one

5) Brush you teeth with bamboo (a tooth brush that is)



Together with creative producers in Lombok we are working on a sustainable zero waste take away kit to kickstart your zero-waste lifestyle even easier! Spring 2019 is our goal to have it ready for you! 


Together we control the plastics

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