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Burning man festival might be one of the most famous festival where artists are using waste materials to build large objects. And have you ever hear of the House of Trash? Art and waste is a combination that has collaborated for many centuries. Only now it has become a common thing for festivals and home interior designs.

The House of Trash

If Trash Rebel could choose a house to live in; it would be The House of Trash in Milan. In April 2018 this home-design exhibit showcased a Taiwanese enterprise, Miniwiz home decors made out of consumer waste. Miniwiz is known for their technology for the circular economy. Their collaboration with homeware company Pentatonic is a big hit. They transformed consumer waste to a beautiful home ware design.

When you give the furniture in this house a closer look, you will see that it is made of all sorts of trash; from food packaging to coffee cups. Our attention was drawn to the amazing artwork of Mode 2. Cardboards are used for the canvas for catchy artwork of modern life. On top of all the inspiring designs you will find recycled pieces by Cesare Leonardi, a famous Italian architect.

Bring recycling to the festivals

Back to the festivals. Creators go to the Burning Man Festival to build houses with materials that are not bought with money. During this event people are encouraged to be tolerant, giving and sharing self-expression. It is also the largest ‘leave no trace event’ in the world. The attendees of Burning Man Festival have to remove their own trash and garbage, with the organisation giving tips on how to reduce your trash before even entering the festival grounds. They have a Center Camp where you can donate your recyclable wear for the artworks. The café has had a policy since 2004 to bring your own mug if you want a cup of coffee.

Also founded in the USA is the annual Maker Faire. Starting in 2006 it attracted 1,200 visitors. Nowadays this fair has over 160,000 visitors! It shows the growing interest in handmade creative works, electronics, woodworking and homemade food. A large part of this Makers Faire is recycling. In the homegrown section you can find walls that are made of recycled plastic water bottles. You cannot even see anymore that it was water bottles to start with! The brand PlantsOnWalls produces those amazing plant walls where you can grow your own vegetables and fruits. (See above picture.)

Share your initiatives!

Trash Rebel is all about sharing amazing initiatives from across the globe that help you to reduce and reuse plastic waste. If you know an organisation that has solutions for a plastic controlled world – let us know! E-mail to join@trashrebel or send us a message on Instagram Trash.Rebel .

And if you don’t have enough of inspiration after this article; read the next one! Did you know you can use grain as straws? This Dutchie started Straw by Straw and you can read all about her amazing company in our upcoming blog. Stay tuned!

Text written by Ruby Kramer 

Text edited by Sarah Davies