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After sitting down in the airplane I grabbed the flight magazine, like I always do. “Creative Reuse” was the headline on the China Airlines magazine. Normally I look for the films to watch on the plane, but today I couldn’t wait until the seatbelt sign was off. I wanted to have my laptop and start writing blogs about plastic waste solutions!

What is Trash Rebel?

Although I guess most of you have come to this page by our fundraising for the victims of the Lombok earthquake of 2018, Trash Rebel is way more than helping people in North Lombok. Before the earthquake our team was busy filling up our website with inspiring articles and a zero waste store where you can buy products that help you reduce your plastic usage. It’s time we pick up where we left off; making this website the place to find solutions for plastic waste.

Trash Rebel is founded by Ruby Kramer. Yes; that’s me. I have been travelling for over 4 years. Indonesia is one of the countries that got me in a magical spell by wonderful people and stunning nature, but the strongest attraction to those beautiful islands is solving the issue of large amounts of plastic waste.

During travelling I found out that there is a lack of education in waste control. A lot of people are unaware of the danger they bring themselves, their animals and nature in by using single use plastics.

Social media made me a plastic queen

Luckily there are many amazing initiatives. I was inspired for the first time by Ecobricks. An organisation that makes furniture out of plastic bottles, just by stuffing single use plastic bottles with all kind of plastics. Due to layering ‘hard’ and ‘ soft’ plastic, you create an bottle as strong as a brick. There are even examples of people who have built schools, houses and gardens with this Ecobrick. Since April this year I am allowed to call myself with proud an official Ecobrick Trainer. I am thankful knowing Ani and Russell, the founders of this amazing initiative.

I posted about plastic bottles in the social media, and my friends around the globe started to tag me in all kind of posts about plastic. Apparently my environment saw me as an example in plastic waste solutions. It was not a role that I had in mind to get a few years ago, but I slowly grow into it and now I cannot do anything different than starting discussions about people’s plastic habits and how we can reduce the usage of plastic. My heart beats quicker when I read articles like in the China Airlines magazine and when a friend tags me in a video about cleaning up oceans.

Spread inspiration like confetti

People in my environment are getting inspired and I love it when friends send me a message that they have bought a wooden toothbrush or separate their rubbish now. It made me think about how I can spread this message further. With a team of like-minded people we started Trash Rebel. Everybody who likes to reduce their plastic waste can be a Trash Rebel. We love to hear about your stories and if you have a product to reduce plastics, please send us an e-mail to or by our instagram trash.rebel 

Text written by Ruby Kramer – Text edited by Ruth Allmark