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Lombok is an beautiful Indonesian island. In the south everything is still the same as before the earthquake, only there are way less tourists. The North of Lombok has only 25% left of their housing, which basically means almost everybody lives in camps. The condition of the camps is diverse. Some have professional tents and others have just used material which was left to build a small shelter.

Positive energy from Agung Siaga

It’s been a month now since founder of Trash Rebel, Ruby returned to Lombok. Riding to the North of Lombok for the first time was something that she had never expected to see or feel in my life. An area touched by a natural disaster is almost impossible to describe. You know you are seeing the remains of houses, but somehow your mind converts it to a pile of bricks. When you stand still and focus on what you see; suddenly you see a broken bed, pictures, clothes, a refrigerator. People have lost everything.

Although they have lost all of their belongings, they for sure did not lose their spirit. The places we visited together with the organisation Agung Siaga and by ourselves, had the same positive energy. Indonesians are known for their hospitality and even in the camps we were offered some tea or coffee each time with one of the camps even bringing us some cookies. It warms your heart to see they still share, keep faith and stay strong.

Diseases caused by waste

The first big earthquake happened when Ruby was still in The Netherlands. Straight away she came up with the idea to fundraise money for emergency add in Lombok. Only she had seen on the news all of the trucks taking single use water bottles to the North and kept thinking: All of those bottles will end up in nature! Most Indonesians do not know that plastic is a bad thing for nature. The idea to give lessons about plastic waste control in the camps grow.

Another problem that is caused by waste is diseases. Viral hepatitis A and E are common in countries or areas where existing sewage disposal and sanitation system are inadequate. Following the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, more than 1200 cases were reported among the displaced population in areas where access to safe water was limited [1]. Clusters of hepatitis A and E cases were also described among a susceptible community in Banda Aceh (Indonesia) following the 2004 tsunami disaster [2].

First donations have helped many people!

Trash Rebel is amazed by all the donations we have received and are planning everything wisely to make sure your donations will be spent in the right way. We have bought emergency add and started to give the first lessons about plastic waste control.

From the start this fundraising by Trash Rebel is for the longer term. Great organisations have taken care of the relief of this natural disaster. They have brought supplies to the camps to provide to the first needs in life. Trash Rebel has been helping Agung Siaga. It has been a great learning curve to see how this organisation is so well structured and can make things happen.

Get connected

For the last month Trash Rebel has connected with several organisations and has an amazing plan coming in to action. In Indonesia the communication can be difficult due to bad connection and no Wi-Fi which can be challenging, but law of attraction has placed the right people in our path.

We are setting up a program with different organisations that have been in Lombok for a long time, to teach in the camps about the technique Ecobrick, a way to help people to reduce and reuse their plastic waste.

Long way to go – but an amazing adventure

There is still a long way to go, but an amazing adventure is leading us to the best outcome. Trash Rebel is pleased with all the help we have gotten so far and ask you to continue following our journey. We will be collaborating soon with Rebuild Lombok, an organisation that is pro sustainable buildings and working closely with Nusa Sentara a method to help set up a model for a regenerative eco-system.

We can always use your support, whether through sharing articles or if you able you can donate to our European and Australian bank accounts.

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Team of Trash Rebel

Text written by Ruby Kramer
Text edited by Sarah Davies
[1] Yang HY, Hsu PY, Pan MJ et al. clinical distinction and evaluation of Leptospirosis in Taiwan – a case control study. J. Nephrol.118, 45–53 (2005).
[2] World Health Organization. Acute jaundice syndrome. Wkly Morb. Mortal. Rep.23, 8 (2006).