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Trash Rebel takes the lead in clean water supplies for the Lombok Earthquake victims. 

Just one week before Trash Rebel’s first trip to Lombok, the island has been hit

by a devastating earthquake. The trip preparations were quickly abandoned, and ideas of how to help the people of Lombok became top priority!

It doesn’t feel right

We have seen many initiatives being organised by friends in Lombok and Bali, amazing people doing amazing jobs to collect funds, buy clothes, building materials, food and water for the people in the affected villages. But, the pictures our friends were displaying showed tons of single-use plastic water bottles being delivered in little trucks. We felt so grateful seeing our friends put their time and energy into helping the victims of the earthquake, but the amount of plastic waste that would be generated in a place that has already been destroyed by a natural disaster, just didn’t feel right.

We calculated that if you want to supply 1 person with 2 litres of water for 140 days, you need 280 1 litre water bottles. Roughly these bottles could cost €0.80 cents, you will need € 224 (!!) per person. Imagine the amount of deliveries needed to provide this amount of water to a village of 1000 people!

Smarter way to bring clean drinking water

We couldn’t help but think there has got to be a smarter way to provide the basic need of water to these suffering people! And of course, Trash Rebel found it!

In Australia there is a company that makes filtered water bottles. This company has projects in South-Africa and South-America to supply families with clean drinking water. The Clever Water bottle has Unique Disruptor™ PACV water filter technology that removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, cysts, sediment, traces of pharmaceuticals, chlorine and leads. You can use the Clever Water bottle with municipal water and groundwater.

To provide 1 person with 140* days of 2.1 litres of clean drinking water, you only need 1 bottle instead of 280 single use bottles! First that will be cheaper in purchase and not to mention the huge negative impact it would save the environment. You can use the Clever Water bottles for a long time if you renew the filter regularly, and the bottles are 100% recyclable.

Let’s do this! Donate a Clever Water bottle

What do you think to donating a minimum of 1000 bottles to the people in the affected areas? That would be awesome right?!

Trash Rebel has started to collect the money needed to buy a minimum of 1000 Clever Water bottles and deliver them to the places that got devastated by the earthquake in Lombok.

We understand that not everybody has large amounts to donate. That is why we are encouraging everyone to offer the amount they can afford, anything big or small will be a help. You can donate the money to 

European bank account details:

Name bank: ING Bank

Bic code: INGBNL2A

Account number:  NL21 INGB 0008 252887

Name: Ruby Kramer

City: Oosterhout

Australian bank account details:

Name bank: National Australia Bank

Bic code:  NATAAU3303M

Account number: 84-477-1112

BSB number:  082-604

Name: Ruby Kramer

Terima Kasih banyak (thank you so much)

We appreciate your donations and ask that you share this article on your social media to broaden the reach of our appeal. 

You can find us on Instagram trash.rebel and

For more information send us an e-mail

Every week you will find updates about the Clever Water project. In September we will start travelling to the villages in the North of Lombok and to the Gili islands. Videos, blogs, pictures – all will be uploaded here on

If you are interested in buying a Clever Water bottle for yourself – we will start selling the bottles here in the Trash Rebel Store end of this year. Because of our volunteering with the Lombok Earthquake the opening of our store and stocking will be postponed until further notice.

Keep following our journey!

Trash Rebel Team


Text written by Ruby Kramer
Text edited by Rose Hodge
*The company advises to use municipal water, but the bottles can be used as well for groundwater (only not ocean water). Groundwater will reduce the filtration effectiveness, but you can tackle that one by just renew your water filter more often. The company describes you can use the bottle 300 times with municipal water. We calculated 210 times using ground water and municipal water. 210 times using the filter 3 times a day (2,1 litre) = 70 days. 140 days are based on the usage of 2 filters. Our calculation is not based on scientifically based data.